Relics of Movement

For five instruments, amplified objects and electronics

Written for Wet Ink Ensemble. Recorded at the Computer music center at Columbia University. May 9th, 2021

“If a bird were to paint, would it not be by letting fall its feathers, a snake by casting off its scales, a tree by letting fall its leaves?…let us not forget that the painter’s brush stroke is something in which a movement is terminated.”  Jacques Lacan, seminar XI.

Relics of movement is an exploration of sonic traces, of the ability to experience relics of past movements in present time. It is my attempt to deal with the notion that temporality is always fragmented in the individuals’ experience of a narrative, and with the sense that history is experienced as (a) past only insofar as it is constantly historicized in the present.
Materials do not ever really end, but rather resurface in a fragmented manner, passing freely between the acoustic and the electronic, the instrumental and the objectal. Instruments are objectified and objects are instrumentalized as something is constantly materializing, coming into being.